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Help Your Business Blossom with anafee

Tom Schröder gives a brief overview over the intricacies of Technology Business Management/IT Financial Management Learn how the anafee Software Solutions Suite can be deployed to properly address the challenges of IT Financial Management. 
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Transfer pricing in global businesses

anafee guarantees legally watertight handling of transfer prices in its shared-service centre Transfer pricing is becoming more and more important for increasingly larger, international corporations. Global businesses are developing increasingly decentralised structures, which ensure proximity to the local market and have a considerable information advantage over centrally organised companies. This makes the topic of transfer pricing even more relevant.
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The Link between IT Financial Management, Performance Management & Business Success

By Tom Schroeder, Director International Business Although IT is accepted as core pillar of every modern business, IT services are often evaluated based on the total cost charged versus perceived value delivered. The result is, in many cases, the undefeatable perception that IT is too expensive since the value is a matter of individual perspectives and not clearly articulated. Many CIOs complain about the lack of understanding and the related pressure which drives IT into a reactive position.
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