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Augment the value add of IT the value of IT by using ITFM software

ITFM software white paper

Do you want to prove the value of IT and its contribution to your company’s overall business performance ?

Learn how to achieve these goals using ITFM software.

Save money
Business value
Business value (3)

Save operational costs immediately

Save 10% of your IT costs just by increasing transparency and cost awareness

Meet the business requirements

 Design and mange IT services that ensure overall company success

Prove the value of your IT organisation

Illustrate the business value of your IT services to your business partners

Proven success with anafee ITFM Software

“The monthly expenditure for the settlement of IT costs is now down to a mere two hours. Without the financial management solution, we required one to two man-days every month.”

Alexander Wörndl-Aichriedler
Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations

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Ensure IT Business Performance

Your benefits with anafee ITFM Software

Transparency is the key to manage IT services proactively and to become a trusted partner for the business. With anafee ITFM software you transform complex IT cost structures into simple, actionable figures and gain 100% cost transparency.

Design IT services proactively

  • scenario-based planning allows comprehensive cost forecasting and budgeting
  • optimise costs of individual service units with anafee´s scenario planning functionality
    to create a cost efficient IT service portfolio
  • benchmark individual components to support make or buy decisions

Market IT services that create value for business

  • easily break down all IT services into their components knowing their material and immaterial component costs and utilization to provide fair service prices
  • simply present a business view on services in the anafee service catalogue and facilitate budget decisions for IT and the business
  • answer new IT demands quickly by well-calculated, customer-orientated service offers based on the anafee Business Service Calculator

Manage your IT service organisation even better

  • daily comparison of planned and actual costs allows active steering and identification of cost-drivers immediately
  • charge back automatically according to actual service usage
  • easily deliver a holistic cost reporting and audit proof documentation for transfer pricing

Get your copy of the anafee white paper now!

Read the anafee white paper about 8 approaches how to transform complex IT cost structures into simple, actionable figures to gain 100% transparency of your it performance

  • Design IT Services that ensure overall company success
  • Provide precise budgeting and planning with less effort
  • Make better IT decisions
ITFM software white paper

IT organizations from all industries rely on anafee financial management software

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