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anafee financial management software
for IT and shared service centers

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Optimise IT and shared service cost and create values

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Use anafee to bring transparency to your cost drivers and reveal every single detail–your expenditures will shrink rapidly

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Carry out your cost allocations more efficiently – anafee users are up to three times faster than users of Excel

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Illustrate the value that your services add to the business and identify for which specific object of business the costs are incurred.

Do you want to prove the value of IT and its contribution to your company’s overall business performance ?

Read the white paper about 8 approaches how to transform complex IT cost structures into simple, actionable figures to gain 100% transparency of your it performance.

  • Design IT Services that ensure overall company success
  • Provide precise budgeting and planning with less effort
  • Prove value contribution of IT
anafee whitepaper

Those responsible for financial management rely on anafee

Referenz 1

Stephan Trümper,
DuMont Systems

“You can only analyse, assess, control, motivate and, ultimately, lower your expenses if the incurred costs are transparent, comprehensible and attributable. This requires a cause-oriented approach.”

Referenz 2

Wolfgang Stein,
FINVIS Business Services GmbH

“We have become faster and more transparent. Thanks to anafee, I save up to three or four weeks for each planning phase.”

Referenz 3

Christian Begger,
Südzucker AG

“In the face of immensely growing cost pressure, it is extremely important to manage the ongoing IT business. The days of user allowances and nontransparent KPIs are over.”

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anafee. Transparent, efficient and fair financial management for all shared services, for example

The anafee specialist network: competence for your financial management solution

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