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Major companies from all sectors use anafee financial management software for IT & shared services

Cost accounting in international industries

“Verify, but trust” – PALFINGER AG invoices its IT costs in a usage-based manner

PALFINGER is a leading manufacturer of innovative lifting solutions that are used on commercial vehicles and in the maritime sector. The company has enjoyed steady growth over the last years: acquisitions, new collaborations and joint ventures have secured its market position. Its latest successes have turned PALFINGER into a major global player within a short time, which this has posed new challenges for IT controlling.


  • 2 hours of work per month required for invoicing, vs. previously 1-2 man-days
  • Achieved a trust score of “90 per cent” from the service recipients
  • Integration with the time registration system and the service management solution helpLine

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Palfinger Kran
Finance Acounting

Financial accounting for a global agricultural enterprise

Profitable – AGRAVIS service provider establishes central ”Shared-services business warehouse”

FINVIS Business Services GmbH has made the costs and benefits of its finance & accounting shared services transparent throughout the enterprise. For that purpose, the 100 percent subsidiary of the AGRAVIS enterprise has implemented the controlling software anafee., and integrated platform that enables FINVIS to make their services more efficient and align them more closely with customer requirements.


  • Usage-based accounting of 90 % of the shared service costs
  • Savings of three to four weeks in the planning phases
  • Extensive transparency of cost and value flows

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IT Financial Management in medical technology

Otto Bock has company-wide transparency for all of their IT services

In order to create cost transparency for their services, Otto Bock Healthcare stopped using Microsoft Excel for the IT controlling efforts and instead implemented the financial management solution anafee. Thanks to anafee the medical technology firm improved their controlling capabilities and saved costs.

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Human Resources (HR) services

Cost and services transparency as a key for service quality and customer-orientation in human-resource services

Cost pressure and competition from third-party service providers are driving an increasing number of HR departments to redefine their services. They attempt to achieve maximal transparency of cost and services, and a tool like anafee helps them with this endeavour.


  • Cost-unit logic for all HR products
  • Pricing basis for all cost / turnover planning
  • Calculation and simulation of actual and future service costs.

Our experience from customer projects shows:

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