Don’t make your IT service a cost trap

What are the cornerstones of IT cost control?

Do you know what your IT services cost? Which products are used in the individual departments? And how do you justify the costs to your customers? Digitization confronts companies with new challenges – not only in terms of implementation but also in terms of cost transparency. (more…)

International RIA study honours anafee

International RIA study: anafee best IT financial management software solution

Bad Camberg, 03 May 2018. The independent research and consulting company Research in Action (RIA) has honoured anafee as being the market leader in the DACH region for IT financial management software. According to the study, anafee has reached first place for customer satisfaction among the ten top providers.

How to Assess IT Budget Management

The different ways of allocating your IT budget

In our last entry, we explained how ITFM tools can help to facilitate cost control. Today we will go a bit deeper into the closely related topic of IT budgeting. While nobody would dispute the importance of proper budgeting, it is subject to debate what “proper” means in this case. (more…)

Serviceware releases anafee 5.3

Use anafee 5.3 to analyze your value chain easier than ever before

This solution provides consistent financial management as well as spotless cost and performance transparence for IT and shared services.



anafee listed in Gartner’s 2017 Market Guide for IT Financial Management

October 02, 2017
Serviceware is pleased to announce that their ITFM software anafee is once again listed in Gartner’s 2017 Market Guide for IT Financial Management.


How to Effectively Monitor IT Costs

Assessing the key elements of IT cost control

A holistic overview over your IT resources will allow for better IT cost control. In this article we will go into more detail on what this process of IT cost control should look like ideally. (more…)

Help Your Business Blossom with anafee ITFM

Tom Schröder gives a brief overview over the intricacies of Technology Business Management/IT Financial Management

Learn how the anafee Software Solutions Suite can be deployed to properly address the challenges of IT Financial Management. 

“We know our cost drivers”

We asked Stephan Trümper, Commercial Coordinator, DuMont Systems

The media group M. DuMont Schauberg (MDS) is one of the largest, best-established publishing houses in Germany. MDS consolidates all of its IT activities in one comprehensive unit.

DuMont Systems provides more than 180 products to several thousand members of staff in four locations and external customers from the media industry. In order to maintain transparency in its IT expenses, the IT service provider implemented a professional IT finance management system.


Transfer pricing in global businesses

anafee guarantees legally watertight handling of transfer prices in its shared-service centre

Transfer pricing is becoming more and more important for increasingly larger, international corporations. Global businesses are developing increasingly decentralised structures, which ensure proximity to the local market and have a considerable information advantage over centrally organised companies. This makes the topic of transfer pricing even more relevant.