anafee listed in Gartner’s 2017 Market Guide for IT Financial Management

October 02, 2017 
PMCS.helpLine Software Group is pleased to announce that their ITFM software anafee is once again listed in Gartner’s 2017 Market Guide for IT Financial Management.


How to Effectively Monitor IT Costs

Assessing the key elements of IT cost control

A holistic overview over your IT resources will allow for better IT cost control. In this article we will go into more detail on what this process of IT cost control should look like ideally. (more…)

Help Your Business Blossom with anafee ITFM

Tom Schröder gives a brief overview over the intricacies of Technology Business Management/IT Financial Management

Learn how the anafee Software Solutions Suite can be deployed to properly address the challenges of IT Financial Management. 

“We know our cost drivers”

We asked Stephan Trümper, Commercial Coordinator, DuMont Systems

The media group M. DuMont Schauberg (MDS) is one of the largest, best-established publishing houses in Germany. MDS consolidates all of its IT activities in one comprehensive unit.

DuMont Systems provides more than 180 products to several thousand members of staff in four locations and external customers from the media industry. In order to maintain transparency in its IT expenses, the IT service provider implemented a professional IT finance management system.


Transfer pricing in global businesses

anafee guarantees legally watertight handling of transfer prices in its shared-service centre

Transfer pricing is becoming more and more important for increasingly larger, international corporations. Global businesses are developing increasingly decentralised structures, which ensure proximity to the local market and have a considerable information advantage over centrally organised companies. This makes the topic of transfer pricing even more relevant.


Transparent settlement of IT services

The IT Controlling of OeNB knows all cost drivers inside-out

Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) has brought transparency to the expenses and services of its IT department. To this end, the central bank of the Republic of Austria has implemented the financial management solution anafee. The use of this integrated platform has enabled the IT of OeNB to pinpoint the exact origins of IT expenses and settle them on a usage basis.


FINVIS Business Services

Profitable – AGRAVIS service provider establishes central “shared-services business warehouse”

FINVIS Business Services GmbH has brought transparency to the expenses and services of its group-wide Finance & Accounting Shared Services department. To this end, the full subsidiary of the AGRAVIS Corporation has implemented the financial-management solution anafee. This integrated platform has enabled FINVIS to offer more economical services that meet customer requirements more effectively.


The Link between IT Financial Management, Performance Management & Business Success

By Tom Schroeder, Director International Business

Although IT is accepted as core pillar of every modern business, IT services are often evaluated based on the total cost charged versus perceived value delivered. The result is, in many cases, the undefeatable perception that IT is too expensive since the value is a matter of individual perspectives and not clearly articulated. Many CIOs complain about the lack of understanding and the related pressure which drives IT into a reactive position.


Trust, but verify!

PALFINGER AG charges its IT costs allocated to the respective originator

PALFINGER is a leading manufacturer of innovative lifting solutions that are used on commercial vehicles and in the maritime sector. The company has enjoyed steady growth in the last years; acquisitions, new collaborations and joint ventures have secured its market position. The latest successes have turned PALFINGER into a large global player within a very short time and this has presented new challenges in regard to IT controlling.

PALFINGER’s IT department provides around 30 services for approx. 3,000 employees. The manufacturer of hydraulic lifting and loading equipment strives to break down the costs for IT procurement and IT services in an as transparent manner as possible and allocated to the respective originator for all parties involved. For this reason, PALFINGER utilizes professional IT financial management during the controlling of the IT services.