Serviceware releases anafee 5.3

Use anafee 5.3 to analyze your value chain easier than ever before

This solution provides consistent financial management as well as spotless cost and performance transparence for IT and shared services.

Bad Camberg, 28th Nov. 2017. Serviceware, developers of software solutions for service management, are now releasing version 5.3 of their financial management software anafee.

anafee is a leading standard solution for value-oriented controlling of global business services for companies. The software’s main task is to adjust scope of performance, costs, and usage of administrative business functions to specific business processes and then allocate them to distinct cost bearers.

anafee establishes consistent financial management and creates spotless cost and performance transparence across the entire life cycle of internal services. The solution supports all concerns of service consumers and service providers alike. For the first time, companies can assess costs and services of all cross-departmental functions (IT, finances, HR, purchasing, logistics, facility management, etc.) via one central software platform. Furthermore, they can be planned, controlled, and evaluated based on economic criteria.

Overview over the most important changes of anafee 5.3:

1. Analysis of service value chains is facilitated, cost drivers can be identified more easily

With anafee 5.3 it is easy to comprehensively visualize dependencies within the value chain. IT controllers get a detailed account of the charging view, i.e. over what costs are created by a specific service. Furthermore, they have access to an extensive account of the discharging view, i.e. what services are used by specific employees or departments. The software’s in-built “Visual Service Analyzer” allows for simple switching between the charging and discharging view.

Dedicated drill-down reports allow for assessment of even the smallest service units. IT controllers are able to provide complete and detailed information to their customers – ranging from the designation of complete workstations to the storage space usage of individual employees.

anafee 5.3 dashboard
anafee discharging

2. The new version of the software offers more powerful scenario-based planning of finances

anafee 5.3 allows for even more powerful scenario-based planning. IT controllers can use the software to modify all parameters and variables of IT budgeting in order to analyze the resulting scenarios. This enables reliable planning of future costs and investments.

Scenario-based planning does not only work with data from anafee but can also import data from third party systems. That way, any possible scenario – e.g., the acquisition of a company and its effects on IT cost planning – can be simulated at the push of a button.

3. anafee 5.3 can be integrated into Microsoft Power BI for simple, transparent reporting


Data from anafee can easily be used in Microsoft Power BI in order to generate all sorts of reporting dashboards. Thereby, management can be provided with standard dashboards quickly and independent of location. Power BI dashboards created with anafee’s data offer users a holistic overview over the most important metrics, which are updated in real-time and accessible on all devices. The more transparent, simplified reporting leads to better, faster decision-making when it comes to services and costs.

“anafee offers distinct advantages for all IT and shared service providers. Thanks to the software, value generation of services can be proven and invoicing can be simplified. When planning the budget, it is possible to take into account costs for the service department as well as the planed and actual service demand”, says Ingo Bollhöfer, manager at Serviceware. “Running costs can be sustainably reduced while resources can be re-allocated to essential grow projects.”



About Serviceware

Serviceware is the provider for digitized service processes. The group supports organizations with software solutions and consulting services in digitizing their business. Serviceware—headquartered in Bad Camberg—employs more than 270 employees at eight European locations. With the solutions helpLine and Serviceware, companies can digitize and automate their processes in IT and Customer Service Management. The financial management software anafee generates transparent cost and performance structures for IT and shared services. The offer is complemented by a strategic consultancy for the digitization of customer interaction. Moreover, Serviceware implements solutions based on the products of leading technology partners, which help organizations to manage and secure data, IT systems, and devices.