FINVIS Business Services

Profitable – AGRAVIS service provider establishes central “shared-services business warehouse”

FINVIS Business Services GmbH has brought transparency to the expenses and services of its group-wide Finance & Accounting Shared Services department. To this end, the full subsidiary of the AGRAVIS Corporation has implemented the financial-management solution anafee. This integrated platform has enabled FINVIS to offer more economical services that meet customer requirements more effectively.

Finvis establishes central Shared Services Warehouse

An independent service provider with an annual service volume of approximately EUR 4.5 million, FINVIS handles the entire financial accounting for 110 customers within the AGRAVIS Group and for external clients of the company. Flat-rate accounting packages, accounting lines and standard bookings, cash balances and finance apportionments are among the standard services in the product catalogue of the company, which comprises a total of 34 items.

Settlements previously done in Excel

Until recently, FINVIS settled the shared-service costs of its customers using complicated Excel files. This had a considerable disadvantage: information about the individual settlement processes was not centrally available to all employees. “Generally, only one employee had all the relevant expertise, and she or he would be the only person capable of handling the settlements,” Wolfgang Stein, Managing Director of FINVIS, remembers. “Collecting all information for individual customers was very time-consuming, but with anafee, all it takes is the touch of a button.” Coordinating the large amount of different Excel spreadsheet formula was no more user-friendly.


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Efficiency & customer orientation

To increase productivity, FINVIS decided to standardise its service portfolio and simultaneously redesign it in a more flexible way that would meet individual customer requirements more effectively. The entire service controlling, from planning to calculation and cost allocation, was going to be automated successively. To this end, FINVIS implemented the platform anafee, a specialist application for controlling and financial management. The company’s main objective was to establish comprehensive transparency for cost and value streams. A service catalogue geared towards cost drivers, i.e. customer requirements, and relevant key figures were used as a basis. Using the software, the overall service expenses of the provider were allocated comprehensively to final and intermediate service products. Each service and service component received a precise price per unit. By implementing this solution, FINVIS has improved both the internal overview of the individual and total cost of all services and the external overview of the service products and prices. The financial-management solution enables FINVIS to carry out a considerably more precise calculation of all service prices that is based on the actual scope of the individual services.

Integrated cost and volume planning

Cost and volume planning is also handled in an integrated way using the financial-management system. Scenario simulations and permanent target-actual cost comparisons facilitate the entire planning process by means of automated recalculations, creating higher planning security.

“The solution allows me to run through different cost scenarios in just a few clicks. Settlement, planning and target-actual comparisons have become significantly easier with the new solution,” Wolfgang Stein explains. The Managing Director of FINVIS also values the user-friendly interface of the system highly: “anyone can use anafee with ease. Functions like the export of data from the system into other programmes such as Excel are no problem at all,” Stein states.

Transparent settlement

Service accounting and the entire reporting of the shared-service organisation are now also handled automatically and with system support. Following the principle of usage-based service accounting, FINVIS determines allocation amounts via the system and presents them to its customers in a detailed statement. By now, approximately 90 per cent of shared-service costs can be settled in a usage-based approach. The automated generation and transfer of accounting records to the ERP system (SAP) ensures that all processes are as lean and thoroughly optimised as possible.

Shared-services business warehouse

FINVIS has successively established a central “shared-services business warehouse” for its reporting, which has enabled the company to provide its customers with comprehensive information about all costs and services. The two managing directors of FINVIS, Catrin Diller and Wolfgang Stein, believe in the same philosophy: “Services are only accepted if they are transparent.” “We want to offer services that our customers understand. To this end, we have created lean, optimised processes that allow us to react to individual customer requirements fast and flexibly,” the two managers explain.


Catrin Diller and Wolfgang Stein would not change a single thing about the realisation of this project. “Working with  Serviceware during the integration of anafee was very uncomplicated, and the consultants on site realised all of our individual requirements, such as a large number of accounting areas,”, Wolfgang Stein reports happily. “We have become a lot more transparent and faster. During the planning rounds alone, anafee saved me three to four weeks.”