anafee modules

Financial management solutions for each phase of the service lifecycle

Easily and economically control your IT and shared services

anafee helps you establish a consistent financial management system for all applications in the field of service controlling – be it budget planning, price calculation, service accounting, cost reporting, benchmarking or transfer price documentation. Renowned companies in different industrial sectors are already using anafee to control their internal service areas and achieve lasting improvements of efficiency, effectiveness and compliance. anafee supports you optimally throughout all phases of the service lifecycle.

Order of business processes
Concept of Data extraction and transformation

Data extraction and transformation

Standard interfaces to your systems

The anafee server is the central platform for your overall financial management of shared services. The standard interfaces and anafee quality gate ensure that the required data from your existing systems is integrated quickly and easily.

The graphical user interface makes working with anafee highly intuitive. Its standard functions include multi-client support, management of different currencies and permanent balancing of planned and actual costs.

Planning & budgeting

Efficient analysis and budgeting of shared service costs

Service Calculation: anafee Service Calculation calculates the service costs along your value creation chain entirely automatically. You can determine service unit costs and develop your service budget on the basis of flexible service quantity planning.

Visual Service Analyser: anafee Visual Service Analyser shows you precisely where costs are created (burden view) and where resources are going (discharge view). With just a few clicks, you can compare scenarios and determine cost drivers.

Financial Management Solution: Visualization of Services
Financial Management Software Business Calculator

Preparing tenders & marketing

Increased efficiency and customer focus in the service business!

Business Service Calculator: the Business Service Calculator allows you to calculate current prices, prepare tenders, simulate service variants and prices, and transfer new services to the standard service catalogue quickly and easily.

SLA / OLA Manager: the anafee SLA / OLA Manager helps you specify your services and document all service agreements with your customers as well as external suppliers – central, effective and value-based.

Business Service Shop: Offer your services directly in a webstore (e.g. helpLine).

Billing & assessing

Usage-based cost allocation and service accounting

Service accounting: anafee determines customer-specific invoice sums in accordance with actual usage and facilitates a fully automatic, global accounting process in synergy with your ERP system.

KPI Manager & Dashboard Integrator: the anafee KPI Manager offers a comprehensive view on costs and service quality. In combination with the anafee KPI Dashboard Integrator, you can display the costs and performance in your service organisation in attractive diagrams.

cost allocation and service accounting

SAP integration

Sustainably limit the rising operating costs of your SAP systems!

SAP Transaction Accounting: the SAP-certified module, anafee SAP Transaction Accounting, lets you create comprehensive transparency for all relevant costs and services in connection with the SAP operation. You can calculate and invoice the full costs of your SAP systems in a transaction-based approach according to actual use of systems and resources.

Project planning & implementation

Permanently track the economic feasibility of your service projects

Determine the actual costs of the projects in your service organisation and track their status – from the inception up to the completion of the project! This feature allows you to ensure compliance with all project framework conditions for the benefit of your customers.

Project Economics: For the first time ever, anafee Project Economics enables you to perform comprehensive controlling of all project costs in a single, integrated platform – transparent, economical and resource-friendly! You maintain control of your current project and cost development at all times.

Project Economics for financial management and billing of projects