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anafee in the shared service center

The role of shared service functions, such as IT, finance or human resources in business is changing and increasingly, it is transforming from a “back office” into “service partners” for business. This poses a new challenge for the management of shared services: the service departments must guarantee measurably high quality, while simultaneously achieving a sustainable reduction in costs.Clearly defined services that are based on the strategic targets of the company and have a price-performance ratio that is compliant with the market make this possible. All it takes are require standardized, scalable tools that facilitate the complete transparency in the business service management: financial management software such as anafee.

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Service market overview

Use anafee to create a fair market for IT and all other services

You have doubtlessly heard complaints along the lines of: “Our costs increase every year and no-one really knows why” or “our internal IT is much too expensive for the minor services”.These grievances clearly show: the costs and value of services are unclear. This results a poor reputation for service departments.

You can fix this problem by communicating the business value of your shared services in a transparent and understandable manner. Use anafee to define an offer with a clear value and specific prices – just like on a market. On this market, specialist departments and shared service centers cooperate as equal partners.

Optimise the business alignment

The anafee service market help you ensure the efficient use of services and lower their costs in a reliable and measureable way. At the same time, you will improve the cooperation between customers and service providers. The transparent presentation of costs with anafee will facilitate budget planning and budget decisions for both parties, saving you significant amounts of time during the coordination phase.

Add transparency to your value creation

anafee allows you to model the entire value creation chain of services in the company in order to present your services and their components as detailed as you wish. You will understand the costs of individual units and optimise them by means of the anafee comparison and benchmarking functions. The scenario-based planning and comprehensive forecasting allows you to maintain control of your budget at all times.

Financial Management Solution: Visualization of Services

Financial management software for shared services – for any application area

“Verify, but trust” – PALFINGER AG invoices its IT costs in a usage-based manner

PALFINGER is a leading manufacturer of innovative lifting solutions used on commercial vehicles and in the maritime sector. The company has enjoyed steady growth in the last years: acquisitions, new collaborations and joint ventures have secured its market position. Its latest successes have turned PALFINGER into a large global player within a short time, which has posed new challenges for IT controlling.

cost allocation and service accounting

Create cost reduction incentives in the service use

With anafee, standard cost blocks are a thing of the past. Provide every internal customer with a detailed view on his specific expenditure based on the exact number of items and costs for the individual units and service levels.

Achieve considerable saving by merit of the increased cost awareness that comes with clear accounting. Each business area scrutinises its own requirements and only utilises the services that are actually.

According to McKinsey, this effect leads to shared-service cost savings of 5-10% in the first year alone. In the long term, annual savings of 15-20% can be achieved (source: Chubak, Kaplan, Kelly (2011): A business-back approach to technology consumption).

Decrease controlling efforts

Before-and-after tests have confirmed that anafee users handle the accounting of services in a third of the time required by traditional, Excel-based solutions.

The most important drivers for efficient controlling with anafee:

  • Automatic data aggregation via interfaces
  • Quality gates inspect data in an automated manner on a rule basis
  • Corrections can be performed efficiently in a tool
  • Invoice generation is handled automatically
  • High data quality – few queries
The controlling effort is about half as high when using anafee
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