Serviceware releases anafee 5.4

anafee 5.4 makes your IT planning the most flexible it has ever been

Bad Camberg, 03 Jul. 2018. Serviceware SE has released anafee 5.4, the new version of their financial management software. According to Research in Action GmbH, anafee is the best software solution when it comes to the field of IT financial management. anafee allows for the automated, digitized, and transparent IT controlling, tax-compliant transfer pricing documentation, and optimization of all IT budgeting tasks. Among other tiny changes, like tweaks to the interface, more intuitive localizability, and updated support for all current Microsoft SQL versions, these are some of the highlights of anafee 5.4:

1. Access to Power BI reports directly within anafee

Before, IT controllers had to tediously switch between applications if they wanted to implement Power BI data into their ITFM tool. anafee 5.4 enables them to access their BI reports directly from within anafee thereby making the process more intuitive and user-friendly. Just open a new tab and import any data you require from power BI, including graphs and other visualizations.

Power BI anafee
pivot tables anafee

2. Easier, more flexible planning with pivot tables

Budget planning is probably the most time-consuming task in the IT budgeting process. By including pivot tables in anafee 5.4, planning is simpler than ever before. Budgeting figures can be imported into anafee and adjusted flexibly, creating invaluable data for future processes. For example, you can input data from previous budgeting cycles manually to create and leverage forecasts for the next planning cycles and make planned/actual comparisons. Information about service quantities leads to forecasts about service costs lead to reliable, transparent budget planning.

3. Implementation of benchmarking data

In addition to the aforementioned pivot tables, you can import and visualize benchmarking data directly into anafee. Utilize data from market benchmarks or competing vendors to assess and visualize comparisons to your own services. Observe how your IT services perform and make targeted adjustments to your budgeting and pricing.

benchmarking anafee

International RIA study honours anafee as being the best IT financial management software solution

Among the top 10 vendors, anafee provides the best customer service

Take a look at the results of the Research in Action study “Market Overview – The IT Financial Management SaaS and Software Market in 2018” conducted by Dr. Thomas Mendel and find out how anafee manages to impress its customers.