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IT Financial Management: IT Service Catalog, Automated TCO, and Consumption Measurement

By Bernd Worlitzer, Serviceware Ideal financial controlling of IT services, Part 1: IT service catalog, automated  unit cost calculation (TCO), and measuring consumption At the center of many of our customer projects lies the question of a reliable approach towards the financial controlling of IT services on a company-level (IT Financial Management). In this article I want to address this question and outline how to ideally control IT costs in a way that works for the hidden champions of mid-sized companies as well as multinational global companies.
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The Link between IT Financial Management, Performance Management & Business Success

By Tom Schroeder, Director International Business Although IT is accepted as core pillar of every modern business, IT services are often evaluated based on the total cost charged versus perceived value delivered. The result is, in many cases, the undefeatable perception that IT is too expensive since the value is a matter of individual perspectives and not clearly articulated. Many CIOs complain about the lack of understanding and the related pressure which drives IT into a reactive position.
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Trust, but verify!

PALFINGER AG charges its IT costs allocated to the respective originator PALFINGER is a leading manufacturer of innovative lifting solutions that are used on commercial vehicles and in the maritime sector. The company has enjoyed steady growth in the last years; acquisitions, new collaborations and joint ventures have secured its market position. The latest successes have turned PALFINGER into a large global player within a very short time and this has presented new challenges in regard to IT controlling. PALFINGER’s IT department provides around 30 services for approx. 3,000 employees. The manufacturer of hydraulic lifting and loading equipment strives to break down the costs for IT procurement and IT services in an as transparent manner as possible and allocated to the respective originator for all parties involved. For this reason, PALFINGER utilizes professional IT financial management during the controlling of the IT services.
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