Transfer pricing in global businesses

anafee guarantees legally watertight handling of transfer prices in its shared-service centre

Transfer pricing is becoming more and more important for increasingly larger, international corporations. Global businesses are developing increasingly decentralised structures, which ensure proximity to the local market and have a considerable information advantage over centrally organised companies. This makes the topic of transfer pricing even more relevant.

Transfer prices can have a considerable impact on operative results, posing particular challenges to global corporations: the transfer of services across borders entails tax consequences. Fiscal and legal concerns are therefore becoming as prominent as economic aspects in multinational corporations.


Legally watertight transfer pricing for shared services in a global corporation requires the following basis:

  1. Transparent calculation and analysis of transfer prices for shared services across a multi-layered value creation chain, down to the level of receipts for primary expenses.
  2. Transparent representation of service consumption (quantities) and the used settlement key (transaction matrix).
  3. Integrated representation and administration of service contracts between service providers and recipients as the legal basis of the supply relationship.

The financial-management solution anafee provides Serviceware with the aforementioned sources of added value in an integrated format that constitutes a basis for legally watertight transfer pricing for shared services in the global corporation.


anafee enables you to achieve consistent financial management that meets any requirement in the field of service controlling – budget planning, price calculation, cost allocation, cost reporting, benchmarking and transfer pricing documentation. Renowned companies from all industries are using anafee to control their internal service areas and achieving sustainable improvements in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and compliance.

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